Driveway Blues

I didn’t decide on a feature for my blog. I brainstormed briefly but every time I was sure about the plunge – I felt pinned in. And what I didn’t tell you is that last week, I had a major meltdown and I’m still in recovery. Went something like this:

Friday night: Last dinner at home with Will 3 before he left for for Colorado (forever …????) to work at Timberline and then attend Denver Seminary. I am sooo happy for him. But gracious, I got used to having him around. He took this last year (September – May) to adjust his life plan and spent time interning at ACF, working for Young Life, Community New Start and subbing at HP. We sat around the dinner table and affirmed him. Affirmations: That quirky wonderful thing we do when someone graduates or has a birthday or moves away, etc. We tell them publicly why we love them. Results in hugs and tears. And for me, nostalgia.

Saturday night: We celebrated our nephew, Andrew’s, high school graduation in a family style outdoor event at my brother’s house. Think perfect sunset weather, fajitas, the whole big Gerrie clan and … more affirmations. Why even my brother and my dad got choked up … that’s so not fair. So not fair.

So, of course – Saturday night post party breakdown: Will 3 left for Colorado. And I ball and cry and ball and cry. There is just something about watching your kid (even at 24) walk down the drive way, get in his car and drive away. If you’ve yet to do it, be forewarned.

That seemingly innocuous driveway of yours can be a sad, scary place.

Just make sure you affirm them before they get out the door.