Easter People

We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. ~Pope John Paul II

When I read that quote, I felt 100% agreement. I mean, here we are entering the busiest season of our family and church life. My pastor husband has seven church services in the next 48 hours.  And while I won’t be at every one, I’ll attend my fair share with the kids. I jokingly tell him that I’m an Easter widow. So yes, we are Easter People.

But then I decided to check around and better understand the meaning of the word ‘hallelujah.’ And that’s when I realized that I had it all wrong. ‘Easter people’ aren’t just people who go to services on Easter weekend. Instead, they are people who live out a ‘hallelujah song.’

Hallelujah – translates ‘Praise Jah’ which is the personal name for God.

So intensely personal, the Jews wouldn’t speak that name out loud.

And yet, we as ‘Easter people,’ have the unique access through Jesus to not only speak that name out loud – but have a personal relationship with God himself.

It makes me feel humbled. And grateful.

Easter People:  It isn’t about getting shiny new clothes and going to multiple church services. It isn’t in feasting on fabulous foods with all the people you love. And it’s not about Easter Egg hunts and baskets loaded with chocolate.  Those are just the gifts from his hand.

Easter People: Take time for him. Call out to him. Listen to him. Respond to him. Live a hallelujah song.

Who can ever praise him enough?

Happy Easter … Easter People.