Enough: Austin

Day 31 of 31 days of enough (and you get free stuff) is today. I learned quite a bit loosening my grip on stuff ~ my life lessons from this month of enough. You can read about it here.

The one thing that kept me from going all out with many items was the necessity of shipping stuff. Some of the stuff is cumbersome. Fragile. Awkward. And I wasn’t sure what to do about it but then I got this email from Jackie ~ presenting an answer:

I love your series on “Enough.”  You have me thinking.  I am going to do the same…but, I have to do it on a more local level, otherwise the postage would kill me.  I’m being reminded of the *many* items I’ve purchased and moved from house to house, from state to state, that I’ve never used.  Not even one time.  Such as, a sewing machine.  And artwork.  And….the list is huge.  I feel a little bit like a kid on Christmas Eve.
Thanks for the nudge. XOXO


I had an duh-hee moment when I read her email: Local.


… to help you and me with the stuff in life that needs a new job and a new business partner, I suggest setting up an Enough’ Facebook page for your community. I just created one (if you’re in the Austin area, it’s Enough: Austin. It’s a “secret” group on FB ~ which sounds all weird and clubby but it just means no one sees the group or what’s posted except the members.)

Now, maybe you’re wondering … what happens on Enough: Austin?

Sharing. Low cost selling (like a friends only garage sale). Of anything. Everything. To help you ~ and your neighbor move toward enough.

Think about this … you’ve got a sewing machine like Jackie. You don’t use it. But there is someone, maybe a friend of a friend, that would LOVE your sewing machine. You join your Enough community group, post what you got, and see if there’s a response. Maybe you’re gifting it. Maybe you’re selling it cheap. Whatever. Y’all decide.

Super great news is the stuff on your community Enough page can be anything. My gardener friend, Cat, expressed an interest in sharing her numerous seedlings. My missions passionate friend, Denise, told me she has ‘vintage stuff too nice for Goodwill’ … I bet she’d sell for next to nothing to fund her trips to Guatemala. My first Enough: Austin FB ‘share’ is two ginormous boxes of packing paper we never used when moving my post-college daughter back to Austin.

Just do it. And if it gets crazy, wild out of control ~ close the page. Or if there is no one in your community who needs it (ummm …) then, ditch it. This ain’t no Craigslist or Ebay. Just a friendly FB group. :)

If you’re interested in joining Enough: Austin ~ say so in the comments or message me on FB here. (Since it’s a secret group, you’ll need an invite.) Or if you’d like to start your own Enough page in your community but feel a little freaky about it, just let me know you’re interested. I’ll email you and tell you what I’m doing in Austin.*

So there.


Tomorrow it’s Gooey Pumpkin Cupcakes (!!) … yeh, I’m pretty pumped about it.

Love y’all!


*UPDATE: Best way to create your own ENOUGH group on FB is just create an event or group and ask invite friends in your area. What I discovered is, you must be ‘friends’ to be in a ‘group’ so to keep things easy, just do it hyper-local with your neighbors. It can be a one time thing (virtual garage sale) or ongoing deal (like Enough: Austin). Sharing is spectacular. Makes everybody happy.