enough stuff … free starbucks card

There are days all I want to do is sit around in my pj’s and sip coffee. Then maybe wander in the backyard and take pretty pictures. Today was one of those days.

Tired from weekend (Will and I taught all 3 weekend services at church), it took everything I had to get myself going. As I was doing house chores this morning, I stumbled across things I’d love to gift in this 31 days of enough (… and you get free stuff) series. Clothes, fragile trinkets, jewelry, etc. I’ve got stuff. This I know.

But lately, more than anything, I’ve just wanted to do something for you. More than handing over a something-er-other. In the last few weeks, I’ve wished to be more personal. I’ve wished you lived next door so I could make you a big batch of muffins and talk to you across the table.

And it was like a womp on the head. One more realization that stuff just doesn’t cut it in relationships. Whether it’s a family member or a next door neighbor or you, my blog reading friend.

Stuff. is. just. stuff.

Stuff can be nice and all but it does nothing as a substitute for sharing the deeper things. The greater things. The God things.

I thought about that a lot today.

In this final week of enough … I’m going to stick with my promise of gifting free stuff … but it’s going to be a simple something. Just a little Starbucks card loaded up with five bucks and Will’s book (which is what got me started on this whole journey), Enough: Finding More by Living with Less.

To enter to win, all you do is respond in the comment section. And then I’ll draw one name every day and send them all out this Saturday. Just a small way to say thank you for spending time here, reading and commenting. I really do appreciate you.

For today’s $5.00 Starbucks card and book, tell me what refuels you when you’re super tired and just want to hang out in your pj’s all day? I’d love to know!


1) Only one entry per giveaway item. 2) You are eligible to win only one item a week. 3) Entries on this item open until 5 pm (CST) on Friday 10/26/12. 4) Winners must live in the contiguous United States. This week’s winners will be announced this Saturday (10/27) on my blog. Please check your email promptly if you’re announced as a winner.