Everyday Hero

Every once in a while, a situation seizes you. It causes you to stand up and take notice. To pay attention. To appreciate.

Maggie and Sara

This week, my daughter Sara, had a friend stop by. Maggie brought Sara a cold drink from Sonic because Sara had some dental surgery.

Maggie is a gorgeous girl. She’ll be a senior in high school this Fall. Maggie is a perennial smiler. A cheerful, thoughtful girl. And a girl who just happened to lose her mother to cancer this year.

When Maggie came over, I was startled by her joy. Her laughter. Her obvious contentment with her life.

It humbled me tremendously.

To think that this girl, just a teenager, lost her mother just this year … and here she is smiling. And doing life. Thinking about others.

Maggie is an everyday hero.

Today, take time to appreciate your everyday heroes.