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I can’t even begin to pick a favorite song on Penny & Sparrow’s new album, Ten Boom.

But Brothers is definitely one of them …

There are a couple things about these guys that make me entirely happy besides the fact they’re Young Life guys.

First, Andy is our worship leader at ACFnw … yep, you can hear him live every Sunday at 10 am. Gracious.

And Kyle … well, Kyle is family. He’s married to my sweet niece, Becca.

That’s Kyle (center) playing with my kids (Will III, left, and Sara, right) at a family wedding.

I don’t make a direct ask of y’all very often but today please buy their music.

{here’s the album on iTunes}

You’ll love it and they truly deserve the support.

Not sure but pretty sure they named the album after her …

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. ~ Corrie ten Boom

I just love that.