Favorite Things about Fall :: simple thanksgiving

This morning, I’m sipping coffee with windows open, candles burning, and ideas percolating. Kate, Ronne, and I are planning a vintage picnic party for Sara and a few of her senior friends. (More on that later …)

But today, today, today … I am loving that central Texas finally got a cold snap. Temps are in the 50’s this morning and not expected to get above the mid 70’s this afternoon. Oh, glory! We’ve been waiting for this a long time.

Fall makes me feel energetic. Nostalgic. Grateful.

Some of my favorite things about fall: Pumpkins. Marigolds. Chai tea lattes. Baked apples (have you seen these recipes?!). Muffins. Falling leaves. Bright blue skies. Thanksgiving menus. Family plans. Homecomings.

What about you? What are your favorite things about fall? Will you join in simple thanksgiving for this day?

And if you hop over here, your simple thanks could result in winning an arty, little giveaway!

Winner revealed later today. Check out some of the comments:

everything seems brighter * spices. hot tea and chocolate * talking to Mom and planning all of the holiday meals autumn scents around my homepumpkinshearing a high school marching band practice in the morningsoupleaving the windows open and having the cool breeze circulating in the house

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