Favorites Friday: garden friends.

My new favorites … garden friends.

My garden-friend, Lori has been sending me gorgeous greens from her garden. I love them. They even taste beautiful. Seriously. And they are my favorites. Please don’t hate me because we have a neighbor that grows and shares gorgeous things like this …

I do not know how to garden and I could never, ever grow this. Why, the fact that Lori grows this in her own backyard … that it’s this pretty and edible, fascinates me endlessly.

Something else that fascinates me?  My garden-friend, Cat. I’ve been reading her blog for a while now but until she came over for lunch last week, I had no idea that she is a garden coach. Yes, a garden coach. I didn’t know such a glorious thing even existed. Cat has been coming to ACF for years … and I just discovered she is a garden coach. Imagine my surprise and my delight.

I-need-a-garden-coach because I have become completely co-dependent on geraniums which are my all time favorites. I adore geraniums. But more importantly, they adore me. They don’t mind that I neglect them ~ they just keep on blooming. I picked these delicate pink ones at Home Depot this week. (I have never seen them ~ and I was freaking out just a little!!!!!!!!!)

I am sorely tempted to spend all our grocery money on geraniums. Because they are so dependable. And we are so tightly associated. They make me feel garden compentent ~ which I am not. Just ask my garden coach. She saw my whole, big, sorely neglected backyard last week.

I am so weak-willed with my garden, I have also become co-dependent with pots & whimsy.

Yes, that is a pot full of ivy (aka plants for dummies) and a terracotta guinea pig. Long story about the pig but if you’re a weak willed gardener and need whimsy to fill your garden, get your cavy here.

happy friday!

… and much gratitude to garden-friends lori and cat!