Favorites Friday: songs & shows

Just like toddlers get on food jags, I get on song jags. I listen over and over until the song sits quiet in my soul, every word pressed deep down inside.

That is what happened with Jillian Edward’s new song No Other Plans.

Yes, it helps that she’s a Baylor girl ~ was a Pi Phi with my Emily. But supporting a BU Pi Phi is one thing. This is another.

I adore her new album. And the song, No Other Plans, that I heard on XM’s Coffee House just this week … well, it’s addictive. Don’t even try it unless you’re good and ready to hear it over and over and over and over and over again.

Then, as things happen. I’m creeping on Jillian’s fb page & see this ‘wow’ link then click, click. click and gracious … new addiction.

This guy is in Austin. Why have I never heard his haunting, gorgeous voice? This tender, sad song?

Who is this soulful man named David Ramirez?

And why can’t I buy this song on iTunes? Whatever will I do?


Okay, and I now fess up to false advertising on blog title. I was going to talk The Office and how I still like it even though Michael is gone and I never, ever thought I would but I do and how I ‘show jag’ as well as ‘song jag’ but I’m just all bummed out about not being able to jag on David’s song. So … well, the end.

PS. Happy Friday.