Favorites Friday :: Straws & Roses

My parents were green when green wasn’t cool. My dad is a tree hugger from way back. He planted trees all over Austin without permission in the 70’s … including a baby cottonwood in front of Murchison that ended up being part of a big ole God story for me. More on that later.

And my mom, why she had these coolio sterling straws for us growing up. The eco-kind Oprah likes. I don’t know where my mom got them. Probably in Acapulco. That was a fun thing to do in the 60’s and 70’s.  All I do know is that they are a serious favorite of mine. So much so that I have a whole collection of faux sterling straws. (Stainless straws.) Not nearly as neat as the Acapulco sterling straws.

I had originally planned on talking about my favorite roses.

I pick them up on ocassion. Carolyn, in the floral at Randall’s on Mesa, told me about them. They’re called Vendela roses and Carolyn told me they bloom slow and sweet then last about 2 weeks. She speaks the truth. (Please do not share this information or there will be a run on my favorite roses.)

Meanwhile, while I was taking pretty pictures of the roses, I realized a truth. I took the straw out of my coffee cup because I didn’t want to have to explain that I drink my Americano with a metal straw.

See, no straw. Who drinks Americanos with a straw? And then who deceives people about drinking Americanos with a straw. Apparently, I do.

As I was thinking through the inadvertent deception, I realized that maybe you would know where to find my mom’s vintage straws (or look alikes) at a much reduced ebay cost.  And I became desperate. And then I did not care if you knew I drank Americanos with a straw. It is not illegal or anything. (I blame and credit my mom for this straw addiction. My dad for tree fixations and an A&D obsession.)

I am ending here with a plea.

Please do not buy up all the roses at Randall’s ~ unless you’re dropping them by my house on the way home. And please, please, please … if you know something, anything about where to find authentic (or cute faux) straws, comment! And here, in turn is the naked truth.

I drink my Americanos with a straw. A fancy one.

happy friday!

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