Feathering Sara’s Nest

I’m numbering days over here at the Davises. My youngest, Sara, is a junior in high school so that means that she only has days left in this nest. (Gulp. Sigh.) Soon – far too soon – she will fly. But until then, I’m numbering my days and appreciating each and every moment with this funny, flighty hippie chic.

And part of that is finally completing the decorating of her room.

About a week ago, I picked up a fabulous dresser at Warrenton from Charlie T’s and ta-da (!!) here it is in her little nest. Da-da-da-darling. (Just look at her groovy little guitar in the corner.)

And not only that but I enlisted my arty niece Kate to design her wall. Sara had one large wall that was just begging for something. So Kate got busy painting this large tone on tone rectangle. Nothing much yet but check out the final product below … wow!

Add some photos, some twine, some sheet music, vintage plates & some very good taste via Kate and you’ve got AMAZINGNESS!! (Not a real word but that really describes it.)

The clever part is Kate utilized the things Sara already loved and simply grouped them together and made them look so cohesive … and cute!

It wasn’t terribly expensive. As a matter of fact, she even went to an office supply store and picked up these darling blue and white clips to hang the pictures. Not costly but certainly priceless.

While I waited for inspiration to finish Sara’s darling room – all I really needed was Kate. She walked in, saw what needed to happen and got it done. And now Sara’s room is perfect … and complete … and she’ll enjoy these last 2 years we get to have her here at home.  *tear*

Oh … and if you live in the Austin area and are interested in Kate’s design rates, shoot me an email and I’ll make the introduction.