feed my lambs

Feed my lambs. That’s what Jesus told Peter.

I love that passage so much that last month, I had Kelly Ann paint it for me on this fabulous gray weathered wood so that I could remember what God wants of me.

The verse prompts me in different ways. One of which is to continue planning small group gatherings with the staff at our church. Little happy hour* gatherings late in the afternoon with delicious small bites and Big God Questions. To foster community. And belonging. And to encourage.

Will and I hosted one afternoon happy hour before the holidays. It was lovely. And then December and January swept by, as they always do, and left us exhausted. We have been catching our breath and picking up the pieces since, looking for the perfect time to plan another get together in our busy schedule.

Good intentions.

But those were shattered today when I read Oswald Chamber’s devotional. He started off nice and easy with feed my lambs. Then he meddled suggesting I am to be broken bread and poured out wine. Somewhere half way through, he said that I should be drained completely. And then he ended by writing, “He saved and sanctified you to exhaust you. Be exhausted for God, but remember that He is your supply.”

Oh, Oswald. Really?


Today, I will knock on email doors and issue invites to happy hour at the Davises. Today, I will pencil in fellowship. Today, I will anticipate how God will show up and encourage us all despite the wackiness of church life and schedule.

Will you join me in being broken, poured out and exhausted in the joy? 

Tell me, how will you feed his lambs?