Five Steps to Following Your Heart

I have a lot of ideas. Loads of them. And they used to overwhelm me. Because they would pop up and I had no way to understand if it was what I was supposed to do. It took me a while to understand what to do with the big ideas that live in my head. If you’re a dreamer, you know what I mean. So I have a few thoughts to help you know how to follow your heart. And how to find out exactly what to do with those big ideas.

  1. Let the dream sizzle settle before you jump into action. Give yourself at least 24 – 48 hours to see if that creative brainstorm was just an idea or it was true inspiration.
  2. Evaluate how the execution of the dream will impact your current schedule. And then double the time. Because everything takes longer in real time than on paper.
  3. Ask yourself if you’re willing to follow and feed this dream for a year. Or two years. Or more. Ideas are easy – execution is not. It’s so much easier to start something than finish it.
  4. Ask yourself the hard questions: Is this a dream that has it’s roots in the wrong place? Or with the wrong person? Be willing to get relentless and get a second opinion from someone you trust before jumping in sight unseen.
  5. Finally, are you being led by peace? If you have that weird discomfort in processing the dream – it’s either not the right timing or it’s not the right thing.

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