free stuff: coach

During the month of October, I’m doing something new on my blog. I’m joining hundreds of bloggers by participating in 31 day series. Might want to check them out …

During this series, I’ll be giving stuff away. For 31 days. I know it sounds crazy. I blame my husband. Because he wrote a book that messed with me. You can read about it here. Anyhoo, I’ve named the series: 

31 days of enough: you get free stuff.

Today is day one. Gulp.

It’s funny how when you think of giving things away, suddenly they become more attractive. This purse, for instance.

I carried it a couple summers and I really love it. But alas, I’m a BIG purse gal. And this is what I’d call a medium sized purse. So when I felt the tug from God to gift away my ‘more than enough’ ~ this Coach bag was at the top of the list.

She’s pretty, yes? And during our little photo shoot, I thought to myself: She’s much too nice to give away. I’ll tuck her back on my closet shelf. I’ll learn to be a medium purse gal just for her. 

And then I think I heard God laugh.

Because I will never be anything but a big purse gal. And this cute Coach purse is not meant to live in the dark confines of my closet. I’m sending this lovie out to you!

Meet super cute, medium sized Coach bag: Day 1 giveaway!

(Yes, God. It’s done. :)

So, there are a few rules. And I’m going to try and keep this super simple.

Enter only once a day. So only one entry per item.

You are eligible to win only one item a week. Share the love.

No entries accepted after 5 pm on Fridays CST ~ no exceptions.

Winners must live in the contiguous United States.

Weekly winners are announced on Saturdays. Please check your email promptly if you’re announce as a winner.

To enter Day 1, answer this question:

Favorite pie and why? (I’m a certified pie junkie and y’all, we’re entering PIE season!)

This giveaway now closed.  Winners announced here!