free stuff: james avery

You know what’s kinda weird about this 31 days of enough series I’m doing? It’s making me feel like a real freak.

For example, take these little treasures …

 James Avery sand dollar charm and dangle ring

They were hiding at the back of my jewelry box and I didn’t even remember I had them. But now suddenly, the thought of loosening myself from coveted, possibly retired pieces of sterling silver James Avery jewelry is making my heart seize and feel like I can’t let go. (Which I know is a sure sign that I need to send this lovies out into the world to you.)

If you don’t know anything about James Avery ~ it’s a BIG deal down here in Texas. I have so many fond memories building charm bracelets for my girls. And I can even remember getting my first piece of James Avery when I was a little itty bitty. Yes. BIG deal down here in Texas. Almost like football. And homemade pie. (Speaking of, you’ve got to read what people were saying yesterday about their favorite pie. Gracious. Made me so happy inside. Totally justified my pie obsession.)

Now then, I can’t really say anymore about this JA duo because I’m hyperventilating just thinking that one day my daughter will want to hand this down to her daughter. And so forth and so on. And I’ll have to explain to her how I gave it away. Just like her precious American dolls. And all the horsey Playmobil. Oh, dear. Am I a bad mother … ?

(See, I told you I’m turning into a freak.)

So, let’s be done with it! 

Presenting day two: a cute little James Avery sand dollar duo.

There are a few rules for the whole month. Super simple.

Enter only once a day. So only one entry per item.

You are eligible to win only one item a week. Share the love.

No entries accepted after 5 pm on Fridays CST ~ no exceptions.

Winners must live in the contiguous United States.

Weekly winners are announced on Saturdays. Please check your email promptly if you’re announced as a winner.

To enter the day 2 giveaway, answer this question:

What item of your child’s did you garage sale or give away that later made you wonder if you were a bad mother? (Even though you know you aren’t ~ stuff is just stuff!) Or what’s one thing you ditched and still wonder if you should have held on to it?


PS. If you’re just joining me, I’m giving stuff away. All month. Because my husband wrote a book that messed with me. Still up for grabs: day 1 ~ coach bag

 If we have more than enough, chances are there’s someone nearby or across the planet who could use what we’re not. ~ Will Davis, Jr.

 This giveaway now closed.  Winners announced here!