free stuff: voluspa candle

I am learning so much releasing my stuff in this 31 days of enough .. 

Like yesterday, looking over your comments for the James Avery giveaway made me realize that it’s pretty commonplace to wish back for something special. And it’s also part of living life dealing with disappointing people over stuff.

And gosh, I honestly don’t know what to say about it all. The only thing that keeps floating to the surface in re-reading your comments is how all the stuff that’s most meaningful is connected to people. The people we love. Kim misses a crib because all her babies slept in the crib. Tammy misses a cast-iron skillet because it belonged to her Granny. That makes so much sense. How the things are deeply connected to people …

But I started thinking it’s probably not the thing that matters most, it’s the people. I bet Tammy would love to throw her arms around her Granny one more time. And I know Kim misses her babies … because they’re all grown up. (I’m crying now.)

We inadvertently connect things with people and they become incredibly important and even powerful, evoking strong feelings. I think that’s important to remember when we’re struggling to know how to deal with our stuff.

Today, I’m gifting a Soleil Voluspa* candle. And even though I love almost every scented candle on the planet ~ this one is important and powerful. It evokes strong feelings for me.

The first time I ever smelled this candle was several years ago in my sister’s house during my nephew’s wedding. She had Soleil Voluspa burning throughout her house. And now every time I smell the candle, I think of my nephew, Caleb and his dear wife Sabrina. I think of my husband, Will, officiating their wedding. I remember my whole big crazy family dancing on the driveway after the ceremony. And most of all, I think of my sister.

This candle is some powerful stuff. Because it says family, celebration and it says Linda. (Here we are in her kitchen at the wedding, hugging and smiling brightly but about to tussle over the last bit of champagne … see there how I’m gripping her wrist!)


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PS. If you’re just joining me, I’m giving stuff away. All month. Because my husband wrote a book that messed with me. Still up for grabs: day 1  ~ coach bag * day 2 ~ james avery sterling sand dollar duo

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*Voluspa Soleil “A bright mixture of pineapple, organic tangerine, coconut, and vanilla.”

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