Christ’s carpe diem was community.

This morning, I already have a ginormous to do list and I’m feeling anxious about getting it all done. There’s Emily’s wedding to plan (!!!!), book details to complete, and a house that needs attention. But this morning before any of those things get checked off my list, I’m heading to Roxann’s house to meet with my bible study group.

I meet with these women because I know I need it even when I feel like I don’t.

The deal is, Jesus modeled community. He needed friends around him, people to support him. And I know if he needed it, I need it. Even when I don’t feel like it.

So I gather with my friends to talk and pray.

Gather from Austin Christian Fellowship on Vimeo.

Will and I recently taught about the value of gathering in community for our church. Thought maybe it would encourage you to hear how our small groups have literally saved us.

In the video, we talk about what the purpose of true community is and why is it so important for us to engage with others in a deep, life changing way.

Much love to you this cold Thursday morning. And more on the wedding news later … pretty sure she found a dress! :)