Get Your Home Life Organized – Tip 2

I am in the process of getting my home organized. October is the month. I cleaned out the garage, started on my back garden and have a new system to make sure I run necessary errands efficiently. All’s right with the world. Or so I thought … until I forgot … some important things … that I am having trouble remembering … ummm.

But that, dear friends, is when I fell forcefully into an addiction to post-it notes.

While Tip 1 was conceived in guilt, Tip 2 was conceived in forgetfulness.

I am happily addicted to post-it notes. I use them excessively, lovingly – they are scattered all about my house. I build little shrines to them (pictured above) because they have come to my rescue many, many times.

I keep them in my kitchen, in my car, in my purse.

They are here and there and everywhere.

Why just this morning – when I impulsively used my toothbrush to scrub the bathtub grout – they came to my rescue once again.  I simply retrieved the little darling out of my nightstand drawer while making the bed and jotted down a note to make a grocery run for a new toothbrush. I’ll be very grateful tonight when I go to brush my teeth. And just to show my utter devotion, I am going to pick up another pack of post-its when I make that grocery run so I can build another shrine. But I’ve got good news for you, too.

This week’s drawing is for a $20 gift card to Office Depot – so you can get started on your very own post-it addiction. To enter, simply tell me what chore you’re most likely to forget.

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 20th right here!

Winner is … Maureen Herring! “I forget to iron. Un-ironed clothing builds up in a basket above my dryer until it tips over and spills on the laundry room floor. Then I might iron it. When I do it’s like a mega-mall shopping spree just happened as clothes that have been missing for months appear in closets all over the house.”

Maureen — send me an email with your address and the gift card is yours!