Get Your Home Life Organized – Tip 3

Tip 1 was born out of guilt. Tip 2 out of forgetfulness. And Tip 3 out of necessity.

The necessity of doing excessive loads of laundry.

So here is my habit. The habit that keeps me pretty centered and sane where laundry is concerned.


Set One is for clean laundry. Set One is rectangular. These are the baskets that receive clean clothes – and only clean clothes. These are the baskets full of bounty and beauty and find their way into bedrooms. They hold folded laundry neatly and carefully. They have a special spot – perched atop the dryer. I have 4 in this set.

Set Two is for dirty laundry. Set Two is round. I have always preferred round for dirty laundry. I have 4 in this set and put them near the washer so that I can sort and separate into: White, light, dark, and cold water loads. I never really did think much about why I chose the round to do the dirty work – until I read The Nester’s blog called Square, Not Round – and then it was all so clear to me. Round baskets are well … awkward.

So it’s down with round.

And up with rectangles.

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