give thanks … vintage silverplate spoon

I wish you lived next door. Because if you did, I’d bring over a basket of chocolate chip banana nut muffins. Homemade muffins always seem to make people smile. Especially when they’re unexpected.

Today seems like a good day for muffins because it’s gray outside. And a few of my friends have been blue inside. Muffins help on days like today.

But I can’t bake muffins for you. And I can’t hug you through this screen. And that actually made me feel a little sad. Because if you’re having a hard day ~ or season ~ there’s nothing I’d like better than to make you smile.

But just when I felt hopeless about my inability to cheer you, I read Ann’s blog about “therapy that calms the heart.” It’s really tremendous. In it she said …

Thanks therapy is God’s prescription for joy.  ~ Ann Voskamp

It’s true. Thanking God is a prescription for joy. And that’s better than muffins and better than a hug.

Thanking when you feel sad. And thanking when you feel glad. Thanking Him in all things.

And then I remembered this little ‘give thanks‘ spoon I got in Warrenton with Cat. I was planning on pulling it out for my Thanksgiving table but I decided that we all might need it today instead … as a reminder of the best therapy of all.

To enter to win this ‘give thanks’ spoon, simply say one thing you’re thankful for today.

And I’ll start … as I sat down to write this post, my college aged daughter walked in and surprised me. Oh, joy!

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