Goals for My Home

It was The Nester that came up with this great idea – to post goals for your home this year. And at first I got all excited thinking about what projects I wanted to present that I needed DIY help with … like this enormous mirror. I.do.not.know.what.to.do.with.it.   *help*

But then I re-read her blog and realized that in essence she was asking a question that begs for so much more than just help with DIY projects. Because as one of my favorite design authors said, “It is the expression of a well-lived lives that creates beautiful spirit and charm in a house, not the beautiful furnishings.”

I need to remember that. My home is more than a list of things to do. It’s a place … where I gather with people I love. And with people that need love.

We celebrate life. We mourn loss. We contemplate choices. We give grace.

Some goals for my home this year …

That when people are in my home, they would see an easy evident path to God.

They would see imperfection doesn’t negate the growth.goals for my home

And I hope when people leave my home, whether dinner guests or grown children, that they  leave with a brighter perspective. An assurance of love. And with deep joy.

Dear God, I pray in my home in this year … that it would radiate a beautiful spirit and charm reflective of well-lived lives.