God doesn’t want your cookies …

Good Monday. Hoping your Thanksgiving week was wonderful.

Ours was a blessing ~ filled with food and family. And I got to hang out with Grace.

We call her Grace Grace. She is my nephew’s daughter. Every time I see her I want to squeal and scoop her up in my arms. But she’s a cool little chick. She shuns squealing and scooping. So I’ve learned to be cool, too. I give her high fives. I share cookies. I do things she likes … because I want her to like me.

I was thinking about Grace and my thoughts wandered to God.

I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking I have to do something for God to pay attention to me. I have to be some kind of cool, super Christian and high five God or give Him cookies so He’ll like me better. So He’ll talk to me.

But no. God’s not waiting for me to do or be something so He can like me better. And He’s not waiting around until I become some kind of spiritual linguist so He can talk to me.

Access to God is complete because of Jesus. Communication complications blown open wide.

For this, I am thankful.

And I’m also thankful Grace Grace gave me a hug when I left her after our Thanksgiving meal.

We’re making progress … ;)

PS. The giveaway winner of Ann Voskamp’s new One Thousand Gifts Devotional is Joy! Congrats!