God Has a Fabulous Sense of Humor

I’ve always believed God has a fabulous sense of humor. Just a quick look at the animal kingdom manifests that fact. Take for example, the proboscis monkey. If you don’t know what one looks like, google it for goodness sake. It’s about the funniest looking animal I’ve ever seen. It’s a rather regular looking monkey but then suddenly there’s this humongous, misshapen nose hanging down way past its chin. Dear me. Or take a google at a pygmy marmoset. Scary little creature – something like a cross between a squirrel, an owl and a super scary looking cat that just got dumped in bath water. Still not amused? Gaze good and long at a naked mole rat. Or a blobfish. And no, I’m not making this stuff up.

While the animal kingdom provides ample opportunity for fun – I have found God’s sense of humor extends into my personal life as well. In the last few weeks God has amused me beyond belief.

It all started with a docile little interview at a local radio station. Randy Phillips, the interviewer, asked me to come down and talk about my book Loving Your Man without Losing Your Mind. I arrived at the scheduled time, chatted it up, and completed the interview. No big deal. It was taped, edited and presented about a week later. Though I didn’t catch the interview, I heard that it was presentable. And there’s really nothing too funny about that but one week later something else happened.

I got an email from Gary Walsh who is the morning host and program manager of that local radio station. He asked if we could meet and discuss an “off the wall idea” he had been thinking about. Well, I’m often a smidge off the wall so I responded with enthusiasm and set a date to meet with him.

In a nutshell, after a three hour meeting I found myself agreeing to do something kind of bizarre and funny – I am going to host the show with Gary three mornings a week during what’s known as drive time. Now if you get a chance to listen, you’ll discover that the premise is pretty funny because (as I tried to explain to Gary numerous times) I have absolutely no experience doing this sort to thing. I have no idea what the radio rules are for morning hosts. Like what I should or shouldn’t say. I don’t understand stuff like Arbitron ratings and pleasing advertisers. And I know I’ll say things in sheer stupidity that will have Gary convulsing in laughter on the floor – thereby leaving me speechless with the microphone in front of my face. Welcome to my real life reality show.

The truth is I am beginning to feel more and more like a one of those aforementioned creatures. Weird, wacky and somewhat out of place in an otherwise sane, orderly, and measured environment. I am thinking people will listen in and shake their heads in wonderment that someone like Gary Walsh could let an inexperienced, clueless somebody like me sit and talk in a microphone – live.

But God is funny like that. And it’s actually pretty comical to think that he could use me and maybe make someone smile. So if you happen to listen in and chuckle – I’ll take that as a compliment. Because I think God really does have a fabulous sense of humor.

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