God is Charming

Things like this happen to me. And I bet they happen to you, too. They might seem incidental.

But they’re not. Because God is charming. And he likes to make us smile.

I love organizing with these vintage tins. So I keep my eye out for them. And other people watch for me too. Matter of fact, just this week, Hilliary spotted this one online and gave me a heads up via Twitter.

I wanted it. But realized after adding in shipping – it was a little pricey for my budget. But I kept thinking about it. Imagining how I’d use it … maybe as a  jewelry keeper, desk supply organizer or even display cute shells like Etsy’s Copper and Tin did.

But I knew that making the purchase online was not an option. (Can you say college tuition … for another 5 years?)

So then it happens.

God swoops in all charming and unexpected.

I’m driving through Hye, Texas and I notice the historic Post Office is also an antique store. What the what? Curious, I pull in the gravel parking lot to take a peek. I’m thinking, what the heck, I’ve never seen a Post Office masquerading as an antique store.

You know what I found, right? It was a third the price – and just as nice.

God is charming.

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