Good Marriage Giveaway

I put out a bird feeder about 3 weeks ago. A finch feeder to be exact. And I’ve been waiting around for a finch to show up.

I did what I needed to do. I bought the special feeder. Put in the appropriate seed. And now I’m waiting.

I’m hoping some of those sweet little songbirds will show up. But I’ve done all I can do. So I just wait.

This week, I’ve been talking about marriage. I talked about how to ‘sexy your marriage.’ And I even had the ‘sexiest man alive’ post about misplaced affection in marriage.

Because the truth is, as unromantic as it sounds … marriage is hard work. Every day. Day in and day out. Hard work.There is no such thing as sitting around waiting for a good marriage.

A good marriage is not at all like feeding the finches.

Will and I know this from experience. So, to help you and yours along … a good marriage giveaway.

Simply tell me one nice thing about your spouse and you’re entered to win all this:

$50. gift certificate to PF Changs (date night!)

And a copy of each of these Davis books: Pray Big for Your Marriage *Loving Your Man without Losing Your Mind *Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets to a Sexy Marriage

Enter by commenting here. Or comment on Facebook. Or tweet this post (and stop back by and let me know) and you’re entered to win! I’ll email the winner and announce on Monday, June 6th.

PS … Need a vacation giveaway winners are: Erin, Darlene, and Amy. Yippie!