Good News Austin: Bat Fest

It was my dad that taught me not to fear bats. He loves bats.

He served on the board at Bat Conservation International for years. My dad was the one that took our whole family to Bracken Cave (not too far from Austin) ~ to watch the bats literally swirl out of the ground. (Watch the dramatic video here.).

Why, my dad even managed to drag my mom on some international trip somewhere to see the bats in the jungle. They stayed in huts. Slept in hammocks. To see the bats in their natural environment. Not joking. Explains why we call him … well, just take a listen:

[audio:|titles=gna_batfest_aug22 (44100 Hz)]

No doubt, it’s ‘bat’ people like my dad that helped Austin embrace the bat colony that resides under the Congress Street Bridge.

Why else would Austinites head downtown on summer evenings just to see this? (Photo credit here ~ as well as a beautifully written post. ) And why would thousands swarm downtown this Saturday to celebrate The 7th Annual Bat Fest?

Austinites are ‘bat’ people.

And doesn’t that just make you love Austin?

For bat emergence times, call the Austin American Statesman’s Bat Hot Line: 512-416-5700 ext. 3636

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