Grace Upon Grace

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my literary agent about a book proposal I have going out next week. She loves the idea but she warned … the idea is big, the title’s dicey. You might have to defend the book. Are you and Will okay with that?

I answered … yes.

Because the idea, the title, the content is not about me, it’s about Jesus and his grace. His radical, undeserved, mystifying grace in a needy life like mine. And it’s a book about the freedom that’s born when an apple eating Eve like me understands that Jesus didn’t just die for me to have heaven’s reward … he died for my life-time liberty too.

So though it might be months before this book shows it’s shiny, sassy face – let me confess now: I would have taken a big bite of that apple. I just know I would. And I would have asked Will to join me. Then I would have hid among the trees. I am sure of this because I do it every single day.

I am sick. Terribly sick. And I need Jesus and his grace upon grace in my life.

He is my only hope of freedom.

Grace is given to heal the spiritually sick, not to decorate spiritual heroes. ~ Martin Luther