Grilled Cheese Sandwich Secrets

Yesterday was a big day.

You probably already know that … it was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

(I don’t make these things up …)

I celebrated by enjoying the most delicious grilled cheese ever. Ever. Ever. Met this tasty sandwich while shopping at Central Market last week. Demos, baby. All over the store. This one won. I bought the ingredients and headed home to duplicate the delicious. I want to introduce the two of you … because I think that this is quite possibly the most delicious grilled cheese you’ll ever meet.

Think buttermilk sourdough bread, baby spinach, tomato slices and now … the secret ingredients. They should not be ignored.

I think these two ingredients are the essence of this amazing sandwich. If you can’t find this Gouda – ask the guy at the deli for something that packs a little punch. But for goodness sake, don’t skip the garlic herb butter. * Secrets revealed.*

Now, don’t hold out. If you have a secret for a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich – please, do tell!