Happy Hour Austin: TNT

If you haven’t had a chance to ‘meet the team’ yet … allow me introduce Roxanne. She’ll be sharing happy hour spots all over Austin. Can’t wait to try this one!

Happy hour is less about the drinks and more about the companionship. Over happy hour my dearest friends and I have started new businesses, purged bad boyfriends, shed necessary tears and saved the world from danger many times over. Sound familiar? Austin has infinite locales for the ever-important happy hour and I’m happy to take you on a tour.

First stop: Tacos & Tequila aka TNT

No joke! That is the name of the place—and yes, they serve a variety of Tacos and Tequila. Imagine a clean early 70s vibe with an open kitchen and a 360 bar.  Expect to see an ‘about Austin’ video feed projected on the walls to music that is often spun by a DJ.

Two times you MUST visit TNT:

$4 Happy Hour – Not only do you get great deals on freshly made drinks featuring local seasonal fruit, but you also get $1.50 street tacos with your choice of meat and a fresh fix-ins bar. TNT Faves: Asian Pear Margarita, Avocado Honeydew Margarita, Berry Smash Martini, Watermelon Smash

Brunch – Quickly becoming my favorite brunch location in Austin, TNT features an all-you-can eat buffet which includes freshly made guacamole, migas, made-to-order omelets, a carving station, delicious corn cakes, watermelon aqua frescas, champagne, Mimosas, desserts galore and much more. Yes the Mimosas are included.

If you try one thing, try:

Good Karma Guacamole. Table-side Guacamole of the classic or smoky flavor made to your taste. I recommend the smoky—you can do the classic at home. For every guacamole served, TNT donates 50 cents to Urban Roots, a youth development program that nourishes East Austin residents who have limited access to healthy foods.

written by roxanne