Have you ever wanted to be rich for a day?

Couple weeks ago, my husband preached a sermon at church that has been sitting with me. Uncomfortably.

One of the points in the sermon was about how we need to be radical, extravagant givers. To make his point, he posed the question: “Have you ever wanted to be rich for a day and just bless people?”

He describes it well. Just listen here:

[audio:https://susiedavis.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Rich-for-a-day.mp3|titles=Rich for a day]

Now. Not sure about you but I like the idea of giving away my ‘córdobas.’ But I struggle with the concept that I’m ‘rich’ – especially right now. Because in essence, my job is breaking up with me. Corporate sale sort of thing. Position eliminated sort of thing. And I get that logically but it shuts me down emotionally – and financially. Makes me want to cling and horde. Makes me wish for a care package from mom sort of thing.

So, to fight that feeling … I’m going to practice some baby steps towards the ‘rich for a day’ kind of generosity. I’ve made myself a little challenge. Every week from now til the new year – I’m going to share something I love. And I’m going to give something away. To you. Why? Because it delights me to encourage you. To make you smile. To help you understand that life is beautiful and God is good. And to help us both understand the truth: We are all rich. No matter the circumstances.

So item #1. Week #1. Capri Blue ‘Volcano’ candle. Why this, why now?

  • Frankly, I haven’t met a human that doesn’t love this scent. It’s really dreamy.
  • Also, candles are a part of my ‘care package’ to myself when I need my spirits lifted. So I’m thinking that a candle like this one will lift your spirits too.
  • Finally, I’ll have to go by Anthropologie to pick it up which makes me oh so happy. There’s nothing like soaking in the store, getting my arty fix.


To enter to win this week’s treasure, all you have to do is simply list 5 things you’re grateful for in the ‘Speak Your Mind’ section. Deadline is 12:00 pm (CST), Wednesday  September 1.

… and the candle goes to Andrea Thomas!