Home Again …

Home for Christmas

This is meeting time again.

Home is the magnet.

The winter land roars and hums with the eager speed of return journeys.

The dark is noisy and bright with late-night arrivals – doors thrown open, running shadows on snow, open arms, kisses, voices and laughter, laughter at everything and nothing.

Inarticulate, giddying and confused are those original minutes of being back again. The very familiarity of everything acts like shock.

Contentment has to be drawn in slowly, steadyingly, in deep breaths – there is so much of it.

We rely on home not to change, and it does not, wherefore we give thanks.

Again Christmas: abiding point of return. Set apart by its mystery, mood and magic, the season seems in a way to stand outside time.

All that is dear, that is lasting, renews its hold on us: we are home again….

By Elizabeth Bowen, 1899 – 1973

My prayer for you this Christmas – is that you are warmly welcomed by those you love – just as you are warmly welcomed and loved by God.

Much Love and Peace,

sd ~ the good news girl