Get Your Home Organized – Tip 1

In my quest to become “freakishly efficient” like my friend Melinda of AW magazine, I have discovered some simple ways to get more organized while completing my to-do list.

This first tip was conceived in guilt.

Because I hate making a grocery run and forgetting my reusable bags, I almost always choose paper over plastic. But when I do, I feel guilty just dumping them in the recycle. Not good for the environment and not good for the little bags that desperately want a second life.**

So, I have discovered another life for these little soldiers. When there’s an errand that fits in a paper bag, it gets done. Works like this … if I need to return something to Home Depot – I pop it in a bag, label it with a permanent marker and place it on the enamel table in my garage right. Need to take a shirt to the dry cleaners? Ditto. It’s perfect because unlike slimy plastic bags, they stand up straight and tall – commanding my attention. Then once I get a little army of paper bags going, I pop them in the car and we march off to tend to chores. On the way to freakish efficiency …

So, I’m just wondering: How do you reuse your paper bags?

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** This is what’s printed on HEB’s Central Market paper bags — too cute.

I am a brown paper bag. More than likely, I’ll end up under your kitchen sink with a few of my  friends. I might get cut up and wrapped around an old textbook, or just stuck under something messy. It would be nice if someone made me into a kite. I’d like to be a kite. But whatever happens, I will never forget the day I carried groceries home from Central Market.