Hope :: The Church in Action

In the last few days, you’ve seen the pictures.

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You’ve heard the disheartening stories.

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Central Texans are fighting “one of the most devastating wildfire outbreaks in state history.”

It makes me ache: Homes destroyed, property ravaged, and people all across the state that are hurting. Deep loss in the heart of Texas.

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But there is something else that is happening in Central Texas.

Caring people are responding to the needs of hurting people.

Volunteers from all over Austin are gathering, organizing and figuring out how to meet the need.

They are volunteers. Working in church parking lots, filling bags with supplies.

Loading materials on trucks and trailers.

And delivering help to needy Texans.

They are just regular folks ~ doing extraordinary things ~ in these desperate times.

People loving God and serving people.

I’ve seen the Church in action

… and I’ve seen hope.