hope vs. expectation

January is the land of high expectation. Goal setting, list making, eyes to the sky. I like the feel of January until I fail at keeping my well-intended resolutions. So this year, in an effort to be kind to myself I put aside my expectations and I am giving myself over to hope instead.

Expectation is an inside out sort of thing. It’s making up a list of things that should be true of yourself or others. It’s gathering ideas and dreams, however lovely and exciting, and carrying them around in your arms.

hope vs expectation susie davis

But after a while, expectation becomes heavy. And when things don’t match up with the ideals and standards of the expectation, there is disappointment, consternation and often, shame. For self or others, from self or others.

hope vs expectation susie davis

Expectation is loading up your life with things far too heavy to carry.

I’ve had my share of dashed expectations for my own life. And I’ve felt the discomfort of expectations from others. Neither added to my life and both hindered my ability to be free and child-like which Jesus seems to value.

But hope is outside in sort of thing. And it is sourced from something much bigger than me. So though the “goals” might be lofty (ie. to become more like Jesus), the outcome is highly probable because the power doesn’t come from within.

Hope feels like holding a cloud. Arms outstretched to grasp the vision without the slightest weight or anxiety about performance. No pressure over who’s watching or what’s happening. Never a burden or a disappointment. Just faith in God, believing he will accomplish it.

hope vs expectation susie davis blog

Yes, please.

I’ll take hands full of hope over any expectation.

Hoping this year you will too.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

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