horses & humans

Did you know horses sniff each other nose to nose and say hello?

A little weird, I know. But other than that, horses and humans are a lot alike.

There’s not a horse or a human I know that doesn’t love breakfast in bed.

After a good hard work-out, horses shower just like us.

And … horses can be divas. I know quite a few that spend a ton of time on their mane.

Horses like snacking, just like you and me. Mid-afternoon, you’re like to catch a lot of grazing.

But I guess one of the most endearing similarities, is they just love love!


Today, I’m at Cross Brand Cowboy Church in Tyler, Texas talking about all this kinda crazy and much more. About how God uses horses to teach life lessons in joy. Love to see you there if you’re in the Tyler area. :)

Happiest Saturday!

PS. All these photos are on my instagram feed @susiedavis, come on over and experience some instajoy!