Housekeeping & Lazy Day Cupcakes …

Things have been a little bit messy around here so I think I’ll post a pretty, green picture and make myself feel better.

There, that did it. I feel better. But you need to know, things are still messy.

Oh, well …

Lauren is helping me with some spiffy updates on my blog and as a result, there have been some blank pages and some ‘coming soon!’ signs. At first, I was freaked. Because I thought everything should always look pretty … and perfect. But then I realized that y’all probably have a little messy in your life, too. And if we all waited on perfection ~ well, we’d probably never get together at all!

So, welcome to my messy blog. You’re welcome to click around during transition. And if you hit a ‘coming soon’ page or an ‘error’ ~ just know that Lauren and I are still on it. :)

One thing I did get finished up that you might want to see is this. It’s a piece of my God story. Of what God has done with my messy life. And how fabulous He is at turning things around.

And another thing you might want to do is stop back by later this afternoon because Ronne is posting ‘Delicious Lazy Day Cupcakes.‘ Umm, I’ve seen the recipe … you’ll want to try them.

And finally, if you haven’t had time to ‘Meet the Good News Team’ ~ make the jump here. You’ll love these girls.

So anyhoo … happy, messy Monday!

Love & Peace,