how to be an open door for Jesus

… oh hello, friend.

God has done lots in my life but two huge things stand out.

He rescued me from my fear addiction. A very BIG story. I wrote all about that in Unafraid. And the another thing He did was help me (an inhospitable introvert) invite people over.

Years ago, God suggested I open the doors of my home and ask the whole church over for dinner … one table at a time. As an inhospitable introvert, I didn’t know if that was a good plan. But because I trust God’s ideas, I tried it.

Over the past ten years, hundreds of people have come to our house. They ate food at our table and we talked about Jesus.

God helped me see that my table was a place of ministry. And my house became a little sanctuary. Isn’t that amazing?

susie davis an open door

I’m grateful God had confidence in me. And I’m so grateful for the people that came to my home, sat at my table and talked about Jesus. Maybe one of you? :)

Over at IF:Gathering​, I wrote about how I get to share that passion through IF:Table. Join me there?