how to clean & quiet your house

You know those weeks when you think you’ve planned things out sweet and pretty but nothing goes according to plans? Last week was like that for me. I had a neat little list of things to do … that got usurped for a more important list of things to do.

My youngest decided on her university of choice last week so I spent the better part of my week crying happy-sad tears over the fact that my bitty baby girl is really is leaving soon and scurrying to secure housing on the campus of choice for said baby.

It worked out quite fabulously. Truly. And I am not complaining because all that scurrying is nothing other than blessing management. But it did leave my soul a bit achy ~ and my house a disorganized mess.

When my soul gets achy, I long for order and tranquility. The kind I find at my bible study at Roxann’s.  I love visiting Roxann’s house because she’s always cooking up something wonderful. And I love her house because it is gorgeous ~ and clean & quiet.

Clean & quiet places give me space to think and breathe.

So today I will take a page from my friend, Roxann, and seek to clean & quiet my otherwise messy house. Here goes:

1. Clear off flat surfaces.

Look how unfussy her kitchen counter looks. Just a little bit of decorative love but not over-stuffed. I plan to clear away some of my cookbooks, etc and un-stuff my counter tops.

2. Create empty spaces.

Roxann is not afraid of empty spaces. And everywhere I look things are peaceful. It’s because she doesn’t load her house (or her life) up with gratuitous stuff. That allows her house to breathe a little ~ and that is nice.

3. Bring the outside in.

Roxann has lot of windows and light streams in. It’s glorious. And because those flat surfaces are clean and clear, the outside is reflected in the house. I think just pulling back my shades and cleaning the windows could make things immensely peaceful. And pretty.

4. Make beautiful things useful.

When I saw this fabulous bread bowl acting as a key holder, I knew I needed to ditch my cheapo tin key catcher and get creative. I have plenty of keepsake gorgeousness hiding in cabinets that needs a little reinventing.

5. Space for choice mementos.

Roxann has out a few framed photos of her darling girls but not all of them. I imagine she has the others all organized somewhere (I’ll ask and see!) … but I love that she chose just a few mementos to highlight.

As I get myself better organized this week, I will clean & quiet the space I call home. The precious, messy space I share with the people I love most. :)

Do you have any tips to clean & quiet your house?