how to live: grace.

This is Grace, though we call her Grace-Grace. She is my nephew’s child. The first grand baby in our family. And the center of attention.

Every time we gather, the adults vie for her affection. Because she is darling.

Every little thing about her is endearing. Makes you want to scoop her up and hug on her.

There is something so utterly mesmerizing about Grace …

She lives in the moment. Wholehearted.

She’s not troubled by tomorrow. She’s certainly not worried about next week.

Just today.

She focuses on you ~ or her mama’s shoes ~ or the lovely little snack she’s enjoying.

Pretty simple.

Jesus talks a lot about ‘becoming children.’

Maybe because it makes God smile when we make Him the center of our attention ~ and live life in the moment.

Trusting. That He’s big enough to handle tomorrow and next week.

To be a child.


images captured by kate

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