how to love life during finals.

I am distracted. My girls are graduating next month. And it’s spring in oh-so-gorgeous Austin.

And then there’s this teensy tiny other thing.

I have a deadline on a something I’m writing. It feels a lot like when I was in college and had an upcoming final. Do you remember how much stuff you accomplished the week before finals? Stuff that had nothing to do with studying for finals? Yes. That is me.

So I have been outside in my yard, of all things. Super duper industrious in the garden.

For example, I had to straighten this leaning pig. That took about 1.2 minutes.

And this sweet little impatiens needed watering. That took longer because I had to roll the hose back and there was a kink in it. Took over 5 minutes.

The new granite walk way by these cosmos needed attention. Spent probably 15 minutes moving mulch and granite to the proper place.

And then this fern … it’s pretty but I’m not sure it’s going to do well in this planter. So I stood and wondered about it for 7 whole minutes ~ mentally carrying it from one place to another all over my yard. I couldn’t decide what to do, so I left it there. I’ll get back to it. I didn’t want to spend all day on that one little fern because I had so much more to do. Outside things that kept me from my writing.

Like all my geraniums. I freely confessed that I will spend a month’s worth of grocery money on geraniums. They are all over my garden begging loudly for love and water. I had to oblige. That took nearly an hour.

Of course, I was distracted by cutie toot things like this … look how the green mossy stuff (is there a name for that?) collects on the curves in the rabbit. I love that. So I stood and stared at it for 54 seconds. And then I rushed inside to get my camera. So I could take pictures of my garden.

Then I was so tired, I sat down.

Oh, gracious. It smelled so good that I pinched it off and rubbed it in between my fingers. Smelled that clean deliciousness for quite a while. And while I sat, I started wondering

what do you do when you’re supposed to be studying for finals, writing a paper or whatever?

I’m just curious. Really. It’s not like I’m looking for another distraction or anything.