how to love your life & celebrate

For a couple years now, I’ve said that when I grow up … I want to be just like my niece, Kate. She’s a photographer with this amazing way of looking at life through her lens.

Kate has a good eye.

And she captures things in a way that makes me smile.

She sees the angles that are interesting.

And different.

Kate captures the joy in life.

I crave her outlook.

And ability.

She sees life colorfully.

And beautifully.

If you weren’t paying attention, you might think that Kate just lands lots of jobs with gorgeous subjects. Stunning brides. Adorable babies.

And it’s true. Her clients are special. But come on, let’s be honest. It’s Kate that captures all this beauty. She is the one with the artistic eye. She is the one that sees it in the first place ~ and then gracious shares it with us.

This morning I realized … I don’t have to wait to have a good eye on life. To see things from a beautiful perspective and share it. I have all I need. Because I am blessed. Overflowing. So I will get in agreement that this is a day worth some serious joy and gladness

… and dance.

all photos by the amazing and the blessed, kate stafford

see more of kate’s gorgeous photography at peacock photography.