I Miss Utopia

This is Mr. Haby … I met him in Utopia.

Utopia is a teeny-tiny town just outside Leakey, Texas (also a teeny-tiny little town) ~ where our whole, crazy, big extended family lands the first week of August. Every August. Some float the Frio. Some play cards. Some strum and sing on the porch. And some scavenge for antique and thrift store finds. That last one would be me.

This year, my parents and I scavenged in Utopia ~ 20 miles outside Leakey. Just a short jaunt to check out Main Street Utopia ~ an antique store where I picked up some fabulous dishes. (Do you know where I can find some more … ?)

I also bought candles … candles with names like Utopia, Comfort, Divine. All named after charming Texas towns. Because Texas is charming.  Full to the brim with charming folks like Mr. Haby.

We met Mr. Haby while eating at The Lost Maples Cafe. Home to the most delicious onion rings I have ever tasted in my whole life. The absolute best. Most delicious. Crave-them-right-this-minute.

While sitting there with my parents eating onion rings at The Lost Maples Cafe, I noticed something kind of unique. There was no TV propped against the wall blasting out the latest news. No one had their laptop out on the table. And no one was texting on their cell phone ~ matter of fact, no one was even talking on their cell phone. Didn’t see one in the whole place.

Instead … people were just eating delicious food. And enjoying conversation. Talking table to table ~ like Mr. Haby and me. And talking across the table ~ like my parents and me.

People eating and talking ~ enjoying a meal together.

Without the distraction of TV or laptops or cell phones.

I miss Utopia. Don’t you?