I will run …

I will run in the way of your commands Psalm 119.32

I will run in the way of your commands when you enlarge my heart.

Yes God, I run after You. But I also run after other things. So I spend my time sprinting here and there. And I end up exhausted. Oh God, make my heart BIG for You. Give me an unmatched energy for the things You care about and the people you love. Keep me focused on Your plans for my life. And give me a deep down, settled kind of contentment. The kind that doesn’t long for likes and follows and fans.

Because at the end of this journey God, it’s just You and me. So now while I find my feet here, I want to love You with all I have. All my energy, all my life, I want to love You more and more and more.

Dear God, help me run in joy and run in pain. In season and out. With a crowd or in the quiet. Let me run when I’m tired down to my toes. You have my heart.

I will run …

verse: psalm 119:32 photo: kate stafford