If You Only Had a Year to Live …

Last night, we went to dinner at the Huffman’s house. Jonathan Huffman was just hired on as our student minister at ACF. He and his lovely wife, Rebecca, have two fabulous kids: Bailey and Ansley. This is Ansley and her mom.

The meal was delicious. Pork tenderloin with cucumber chutney, cheese grits, green beans and peach cobbler. You can bet I’ll be sure and share some of those recipes with you just as soon as I get back to Rebecca’s so she can teach me to make them.

And the entertainment was ridiculous. Sometime before dessert, there was an impromptu rave.

No, I am not joking. And I actually am a little fearful … because there was this Steven Tyler song … and when I heard it, I went a little cccrazzzy and my 18 year old, Sara, just happened to catch the footage on her iPhone. Eek-a-doo. (Note to self: Become more self-aware when dancing realizing cameras always abound …) But enough of that. Because I am supposing Sara will read this blog and that video will mysteriously disappear.

The thing I actually wanted to talk about is that I threw out a somewhat morose BGQ (Big God Question defined here.): If you only had a year to live, what would you do?

I know. A tad morose.

But the thing is … the answers were beautiful.

Rebecca said she’d write bunches of letters to her children and vacation with her sisters and her mama.

Hilliary (who’s living with us this summer) said she’d drop out of school. Praying her mom doesn’t read this.

My husband said he would hike til he died. Climb a mountain and die there. Like a real mountain man.

I said I would quit work, write life instructions for my children, make muffins for people and take outdoor showers. (That’s a whole other post.)

But it was Ansley that brought me to tears. Ansley said she would get a starfish.

She said if she knew she only had one year to live … she would get a starfish.

When I asked why, she said she loves the way they hang on things. Said she just always wanted a starfish. That’s all. Just a starfish.

Somebody please send that girl a starfish …

Meanwhile, now to you.

If you only had a year to live … what you do?

To listen, click here:

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