instagram: favorites friday

Confession. I am totally addicted to instagram and I want you to become addicted too. I know what you’re thinking … I already have so much to keep up with!!

Yes, I hear you. But oh, instagram is so different and so lovely. Think on the go encouragement through photography. Think quick and interesting catch up with friends via pictures. Think practice taking pictures with your smart phone. Think stalk your precious childrenoh, wait. Never mind.

It’s just that with facebook getting all complicated with all their changes ~ and email getting clogged up with spam and twitter being so twitter ~ instagram is a nice, clean alternative to staying in touch. It’s one of my new favorites.

… little spot of Spring sunshine. Makes me so happy to be a Texas girl.

Here are a few of my latest pics with captions. Just simple fun. 

Austin icon: Top Notch. #austin #burgers #atx


Bathed in light. #horse #barn

At the barn with Kinetic. I love catching stuff like this on my phone. You can too.

A sweet surprise … all the way from Denver. :)

The other thing I like about instagram is the short twitter-esque descriptions. If you know someone, you’re likely to understand their meaning. And if you don’t know them well, it’s no big deal because the pictures are fun anyway.  (Hint: My son lives in Denver. :)

Bob & Peg Texas. I love them.

I am currently trying to convince my dad (Bob ‘Texas’) to get an instagram account. He’s already on facebook but he’s kinda quiet over there. I think instagram would be just the thing for him ~ and he’s quite the photographer ~ so I know we’d all love seeing his pictures.

Girls & their horses …

The other fun thing is you can snap quick pics of your kids that they otherwise might not want you to take. Here’s Emily with Kinetic. I used a filter on this photo from 100 Cameras in 1 (another fun feature ~ filters) and Emily’s friends thought she highlighted her hair. Hilarious.

I love Fridays at the barn …

Other nice features: Loads of apps and sites related to instagram. I recently found webstagram and though it seems to load slow, it’s nice to look at the photos on my laptop.

One of my favorite barn faces: Meet John Wayne. #ponies

You can tag people, use hashtags, and even link to twitter and facebook. The options are endless.

But if you don’t sign up, you’ll never know. (Hello Bob ‘Texas’ …) And so, there is my insta-plea. I just counted 10 good reasons to get on board. Sign up. Enjoy! Delight! Love life!!

Now I’m off to get breakfast tacos at Taco Shack for 4 sleepy head girlies who went to the midnight premier of The Hunger Games and had a sleep-over at our house afterward. And yes, I might instagram the tacos ~ but not the girls. ;)

PS. Look for me on instagram at susiedavis. And I’ll be looking for you!!

PPS. If you’re on instagram and use an app like 100 Cameras in 1 that you love, let me know! Thanks!!

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~ Eudora Welty