jen hatmaker & austin woman: for the love

Okay, this was fun. Reminds me of old times on the radio.

oh, for the love: jen hatmaker and melinda garvey

I crept out of bed while it was still dark, guzzled some coffee and headed over to the studio on the other side of town. And there I joined JB (Classic 105.3 FM), Melinda Garvey and Jen Hatmaker to talk about all kinds of things including Jen’s new book, For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards.

We dished about mothering guilt, toxic people, expectations of a pastor’s wife, why women feel the need to do it all, how a messy house is the best thing you can give your company and more. One of my favorite lines was from Jen about her life philosophy:

My goal across the board is to be good enough. ~ Jen Hatmaker

That’s good stuff, yes? Can’t wait to dive into her new book.

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