Lately, I’ve felt nudged by God to do things that make me feel unsure. Because they are the kinds of adventures that require faith. And fearlessness. Utter abandon. They are things I can’t manage alone. And there is no  guarantee of success.

When God presents the ideas … I like to tip toe to the edge and try to gauge how difficult it will be to get to the other side. I try to predetermine my success and my security. And as I stand in safety, notebook in hand, jotting down all the possibilities on how to get across … God just says

Jump. I’ll get you there.

I am starting to realize, until I jump, I’ll never know how to give life to the idea and complete the project. I’ll never be a part of the adventure. Because God didn’t ask me to tip toe to the edge of the water …


How has God asked you to ‘jump?’