Keeping Company

This is my niece, Kate.

(Pushing pause here … Kate is the photographer in our family. She’s the one that takes most of the photos for my blog but I actually shot this! Mmm,hmm.)

She kept me company last weekend on my trip to Fredricksburg – where I had the opportunity to speak to the wonderful women at Southwest Family Fellowship.

The retreat topic was friendship.  The importance of being a good friend. The importance of having good friends. Cause even Jesus needed friends … he wanted company. He wanted companionship.

The very first point of the message was about ‘keeping company.’ And when I saw this picture of Kate, I was overwhelmed at God’s goodness to me.

Yes, Kate is my niece so I have a relationship with her. But the beautiful thing is that Kate is also my friend. Kate makes a space for me. She teaches me how to use her camera. She laughs with me in ridiculous situations. She shops with me in all our our favorite places. She vacations with me. She contributes to my ministry ideas – even when they’re a little crazy.

I am grateful for her company. For her smiling face. Her enormous enthusiasm. Her sensitive heart.

I am grateful she keeps me company.

Who keeps you company?