Life is Beautiful

I had one of those startling, surreal moments yesterday. I was piled up under a deadline, feverish finishing a project when I became distracted by an ordinary moment that gave birth to inexplicable joy.

I visited Jess Graham’s website. A photographer I know and love – to see pictures of event I was unable to attend: The wedding of one on my son’s best friends.

The wedding was gorgeous. Stunning. Just look at this …

And though her pictures of the bride always carry my heart away … this time, my focus was on another. Because this time, there was a photo of my newly ordained son officiating his first wedding.

I’ve never seen my son, Will, wearing a ministerial robe, bible in hand. I’ve never seen him carry such enormous responsibility, officiating a momentous event with  such ease. Those things surprised me. Took my breath away.

But it was this picture that made me cry.

This gave me that sharp, unexpected pain. The kind that pierces your heart light and quick. When you feel it and life is so inexplicably beautiful … you fear at times, it just might break.

In this photo, I could see my son had tucked his index finger in his bible to mark his place. And it reminded me of someone else. That does exactly the same thing. In the same way.

A man with bible in hand, who also wears a ministerial robe at momentous events. Who also carries enormous responsibility, officiating with ease.

Will reminds me of his father. My husband.

Life, indeed, is so undeniably beautiful.

To see the pictures in all their glory, you must visit Jess Graham Photography.