little things to make you smile

I tell you lots of little things. Because I like to make you smile. And I want to help you love your life. No matter what is going on, no matter how stressy life feels … we are blessed beyond measure. Totally living in the lopsided favor of God.

Today, four favorite things just for you:

Thrifted Things

lemon juicer

I rest on Fridays. Friday is my Sunday because Sunday is ministry busy. After I ride at the barn, I keep my eyes open for garage sales or estate sales. A couple times a month, there will be one in our neighborhood. And that is where I find fabulous little things at a great discount. Like this lemon juicer. Darling. Love it. Got it for a buck. Thrifted things can make you smile.

Muji Journals

muji journal

I discovered Muji when I was in NYC many years ago. I love them because they are spiral bound which makes for easier writing. I do love the look of Moleskine but I’ve found Muji to be more long-lasting and easier to use. Good news is they’re having a little sale right now.

Cloud Watching

lake austin

Yesterday I stopped by the lake house with my lunch and sat outside to watch the clouds float by. Just me and God. It was profoundly centering and made me love my life. Good news is you can do this anywhere but if you happen to be anywhere near City Park Road at lunch time, give me a call. We’ll go sit on the boat dock together …

Walmart Scarves

walmart scarf

I don’t go to Walmart often but I was there yesterday and found this little lovely for nearly nothing. I showed it to Hilliary and she said it was ’boutique cute.’ I totally trust Hilliary’s opinion.

Just four little things to make you smile ~ and love your life.

Remember, you are loved. Every day.


 ps. what makes you smile?